Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mordecai World Seniority

Following is a list of all current Mordecai owners, their current city, and their number of years in the world. This is the beginning of the 19th season, so all original owners are listed with 19 seasons, and all new owners are listed with 1 season.

brian2470 Boston (NL East) 19
dyuen Colorado Springs (AL West) 19
jimrome76 Texas (NL South) 19
meech11 Helena (AL West) 19
smoelheim Rochester (AL East) 19
trancefusion Toronto (AL North) 19
mbooker Vancouver (NL West) 18
nosferatu Austin (NL South) 18
Oli35 Florida (AL South) 18
Iceman67 Charlotte (AL East) 17
tony23 Tacoma (AL West) 15
wonderin32 Kansas City (AL North) 15
johncfremont St Louis (NL North) 14
dwhit34 Syracuse (AL East) 13
jeclapton Iowa City (NL East) 13
plague Fargo (AL North) 11
mohawkman Atlanta (NL South) 10
rbedwell Dover (AL East) 10
badercubed New York (AL North) 9
jemaurer Philadelphia (NL East) 7
Ahsowhat New Orleans (AL South) 6
CoachRed Richmond (NL South) 6
litigator01 Iowa City (NL North) 6
drknow28 Oakland (AL West) 4
eryanf Pittsburgh (NL North) 2
bfkfraser Salem (NL West) 1
cincysteve Nashville (AL South) 1
dockellis70 San Francisco (NL West) 1
frank_white Albuquerque 1
jamessun Richmond (AL South) 1
msarg Indianapolis (NL East) 1
vhoward Scranton (NL North) 1