Saturday, December 18, 2010

Know That Owner: Brian Kowalski

Hi fellow HBDers. My name is Brian Kowalski, but you may know me as bfkfraser. I am a lifelong resident of Detroit's northern suburbs. I was born in Warren, MI, grew up in Sterling Heights, MI and currently reside in Fraser, MI. I am 36 years of age, a cancer survivor and have always been a sports fan, particularly hockey, football and baseball. I once was the stranded potential tying run on third in a championship game that my little league team lost. But, I would have to say my favorite sports moment was when the Red Wings won the Stanley Cup in 1997.
I went to a local small business school - Walsh College - and have my Bachelor's Degree in Accountancy. I am employed as an accountant for an plastic injection molder that primarily manufacturers auto parts. It has been a tough couple of years as many small companies such as the one I work for were hit hard due to the struggles of the Big 3 that we all know about. Outside of a layoff and medical leave, I have been with the company for about 11 years.
I started playing GD on Wis about 4 or 5 years ago after seeing someone post about it on a message board on another site. I started playing GD and after a few seasons started making the playoffs regularly. Another coach suggested I try HBD, which I enjoyed. Unfortunately, I had to quit HBD when I realized my surgery would coincide with free agency and coach hiring. Now, that I am healthy and working, I have started playing HBD again. I am in 2 worlds - this one plus caray world with many GD coaches.
In addition to WIS and watching sports, I do play some golf, tennis, street hockey (not as often as I did 10 years ago) and am a league bowler. My best game was a 234; my average is 160. I attend Detroit Tiger and Red Wings games occasionally and have traveled to see the Wings play in Columbus, Pittsburgh, Toronto, and Chicago.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Know That Owner: Stephen Anderson

My name is Stephen Anderson (cincysteve). I was born and raised in the Cincinnati area. Huge Cincinnati sports guy. I can remember crying on the couch as Joe Montana threw that freakin last second TD to Taylor when I was in 8th Grade. I am old enough to remember the joy of the wire-to-wire season for the 1990 Reds, but not old enough to really remember the Big Red Machine. I love sports. Played soccer in college. I have torn both my ACL’s from soccer and basketball. These days I stick to golf and WIS.

I will be turning 36. I graduated from Cincinnati Bible College in 1998. I got married to my wife Laura in 1999. I did youth ministry in Livonia Michigan for five years before moving back to Cincinnati to get my Masters degree for teaching. Wife got pregnant, bought a house, and never finished. I have been working in the online loan industry since 2004. We will do about 50million in business this year. Only 60 employees in my division. I hate my job. I am getting promoted to the head trainer of the group in January. (will still hate my job) Okay, it’s not that bad, but I would rather be teaching. My wife teaches at one of the top private schools in Ohio. Yes I’m bragging :) She is an awesome teacher. I hope to someday finish my degree so I can teach 8th grade American History and have my summers off with the wife and kids. That is my dream job. I have two wonderful daughters Adyson 5 and Ellasyn 2. I am not looking forward to the dating years.

I’m excited about being in this world with you and look forward to getting to know all of everyone.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mordecai World Seniority

Following is a list of all current Mordecai owners, their current city, and their number of years in the world. This is the beginning of the 19th season, so all original owners are listed with 19 seasons, and all new owners are listed with 1 season.

brian2470 Boston (NL East) 19
dyuen Colorado Springs (AL West) 19
jimrome76 Texas (NL South) 19
meech11 Helena (AL West) 19
smoelheim Rochester (AL East) 19
trancefusion Toronto (AL North) 19
mbooker Vancouver (NL West) 18
nosferatu Austin (NL South) 18
Oli35 Florida (AL South) 18
Iceman67 Charlotte (AL East) 17
tony23 Tacoma (AL West) 15
wonderin32 Kansas City (AL North) 15
johncfremont St Louis (NL North) 14
dwhit34 Syracuse (AL East) 13
jeclapton Iowa City (NL East) 13
plague Fargo (AL North) 11
mohawkman Atlanta (NL South) 10
rbedwell Dover (AL East) 10
badercubed New York (AL North) 9
jemaurer Philadelphia (NL East) 7
Ahsowhat New Orleans (AL South) 6
CoachRed Richmond (NL South) 6
litigator01 Iowa City (NL North) 6
drknow28 Oakland (AL West) 4
eryanf Pittsburgh (NL North) 2
bfkfraser Salem (NL West) 1
cincysteve Nashville (AL South) 1
dockellis70 San Francisco (NL West) 1
frank_white Albuquerque 1
jamessun Richmond (AL South) 1
msarg Indianapolis (NL East) 1
vhoward Scranton (NL North) 1