Saturday, December 18, 2010

Know That Owner: Brian Kowalski

Hi fellow HBDers. My name is Brian Kowalski, but you may know me as bfkfraser. I am a lifelong resident of Detroit's northern suburbs. I was born in Warren, MI, grew up in Sterling Heights, MI and currently reside in Fraser, MI. I am 36 years of age, a cancer survivor and have always been a sports fan, particularly hockey, football and baseball. I once was the stranded potential tying run on third in a championship game that my little league team lost. But, I would have to say my favorite sports moment was when the Red Wings won the Stanley Cup in 1997.
I went to a local small business school - Walsh College - and have my Bachelor's Degree in Accountancy. I am employed as an accountant for an plastic injection molder that primarily manufacturers auto parts. It has been a tough couple of years as many small companies such as the one I work for were hit hard due to the struggles of the Big 3 that we all know about. Outside of a layoff and medical leave, I have been with the company for about 11 years.
I started playing GD on Wis about 4 or 5 years ago after seeing someone post about it on a message board on another site. I started playing GD and after a few seasons started making the playoffs regularly. Another coach suggested I try HBD, which I enjoyed. Unfortunately, I had to quit HBD when I realized my surgery would coincide with free agency and coach hiring. Now, that I am healthy and working, I have started playing HBD again. I am in 2 worlds - this one plus caray world with many GD coaches.
In addition to WIS and watching sports, I do play some golf, tennis, street hockey (not as often as I did 10 years ago) and am a league bowler. My best game was a 234; my average is 160. I attend Detroit Tiger and Red Wings games occasionally and have traveled to see the Wings play in Columbus, Pittsburgh, Toronto, and Chicago.