Sunday, March 13, 2011

Season 20 Seniority Update

Our rollover into Season 20 resulted in just 1 new owner into Mordecai. Welcome to the world Fervus!

Here is an updated seniority list for the world:

Owner Franchise Seasons
brian2470 Boston (NL East) 20
dyuen Colorado Springs (AL West) 20
jimrome76 Texas (NL South) 20
meech11 Helena (AL West) 20
smoelheim Rochester (AL East) 20
trancefusion Toronto (AL North) 20
mbooker Vancouver (NL West) 19
nosferatu Austin (NL South) 19
Iceman67 Charlotte (AL East) 18
tony23 Tacoma (AL West) 16
wonderin32 Kansas City (AL North) 16
johncfremont St Louis (NL North) 15
dwhit34 Syracuse (AL East) 14
jeclapton Iowa City (NL East) 14
plague Fargo (AL North) 12
mohawkman Atlanta (NL South) 11
rbedwell Dover (AL East) 11
badercubed New York (AL North) 10
jemaurer Philadelphia (NL East) 8
Ahsowhat New Orleans (AL South) 7
CoachRed Richmond (NL South) 7
litigator01 Iowa City (NL North) 7
drknow28 Oakland (AL West) 5
eryanf Pittsburgh (NL North) 3
bfkfraser Salem (NL West) 2
cincysteve Nashville (AL South) 2
dockellis70 San Francisco (NL West) 2
frank_white Albuquerque 2
jamessun Richmond (AL South) 2
msarg Indianapolis (NL East) 2
vhoward Scranton (NL North) 2
Oli35 Florida (AL South) 1

cincysteve Overhauls Nashville Amish Electricians, Wins WS Title!

Congratulations to cincysteve for overcoming incredible odds to win the Mordecai Season 19 World Series! He was a new owner to Mordecai this season, taking over a team that had last made the playoffs 17 seasons earlier, a team that was sub-.500 for the previous 5 seasons, a team that had only cracked .500 4 times in 18 seasons. Everything was working against him... but as soon as he took the team over, he set out on a mission to immediately better the team. 11 trades involving 36 players later, he managed the team to a 91-71 record and won the franchise's first ever divisional championship. But was that good enough? Absolutely not. In the postseason, he faced Fargo, a perennial playoff team (12 appearances in last 14 seasons)... recently resurgent Ottawa (96+ wins in 3 straight seasons)... defending World Series champ Dover... and finally two-time NL Pennant Winner Iowa City.

On top of it all, this was done in a very competitive world, and done without signing a bunch of overpriced free agents to exorbitant contracts, ruining the franchise for several seasons to come.

Congrats on an amazing run, cincysteve!