Sunday, March 13, 2011

cincysteve Overhauls Nashville Amish Electricians, Wins WS Title!

Congratulations to cincysteve for overcoming incredible odds to win the Mordecai Season 19 World Series! He was a new owner to Mordecai this season, taking over a team that had last made the playoffs 17 seasons earlier, a team that was sub-.500 for the previous 5 seasons, a team that had only cracked .500 4 times in 18 seasons. Everything was working against him... but as soon as he took the team over, he set out on a mission to immediately better the team. 11 trades involving 36 players later, he managed the team to a 91-71 record and won the franchise's first ever divisional championship. But was that good enough? Absolutely not. In the postseason, he faced Fargo, a perennial playoff team (12 appearances in last 14 seasons)... recently resurgent Ottawa (96+ wins in 3 straight seasons)... defending World Series champ Dover... and finally two-time NL Pennant Winner Iowa City.

On top of it all, this was done in a very competitive world, and done without signing a bunch of overpriced free agents to exorbitant contracts, ruining the franchise for several seasons to come.

Congrats on an amazing run, cincysteve!

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Stephen said...

still my favorite season I ever played. did it the right way.