Sunday, January 2, 2011

Know That Owner: Michael Sargent

Hello, my name is Michael Sargeant and my WIS handle is the creatively named msarg. I appreciate the opportunity to join your very active league and Smoelheim's invitation. I own the Indianapolis BPats and this is my third HBD franchise.

I have been a lifelong baseball fan. Growing up in central New Jersey, my father raised my brother and I to be Dodger fans. Almost as long as I can remember the Dodgers have been a major part of my life. My younger brother and I would stay up on the east coast nearly every night just to hear the Dodgers score on the west coast. I still stay up nearly every night following west coast baseball.

While my dream of becoming the GM of the Dodgers hasn't come to fruition, I have a career I truly enjoy. As Executive Director of the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee(DLCC), I oversee, manage and help fund the Democratic Party's efforts in state legislatures. While the results of the last election were disappointing, it hasn't shaken my resolve that we are working everyday to improve our country.

I am truly blessed to have a beautiful wife and a soon to be 14 month old baby girl. They are the lights of my life and give me more joy and love than I ever thought possible.

I appreciate this opportunity to play HBD with a great group of people and hopefully win my first World Series.