Monday, September 13, 2010

Know That Owner: Don Amos

Hello fellow baseball enthusiasts, I’m Don Amos, also known in the WIS realm as Helamen.
I live in a small community just north of Kingston, Ontario, Canada. In case you don’t know
where that is, its 3 hours east of Toronto. I was born and raised in the area, a country kid at
heart, which is why I’m north of Kingston, where I have a small horse farm. For the past 15
years I worked at Canadian Forces Base Kingston for the Resource Centre and as of April of
this year I have recently moved on to a new position as Executive Director for a social service
agency in the area.

I’m a hockey nut, I’ve playing hockey for a number of years in an over 30 league, and my claim
to fame in the league is I once scored 5 goals in one game. When I’m not playing hockey,
I’m coaching it. I have 3 boys and 1 girl who all played hockey and I coached them as they
came up through the system. I now have just 2 playing, one is a goalie (don’t ever let your
child be a goalie, its expensive!!!) and the other is a bruising defenseman. Every year around
September, the 3 of us left playing get all gear up for the season and can’t wait to get on the ice.

When I’m not playing/coaching hockey in the winter, I’m riding my horses in the summer, and
enjoying baseball. My favorite team is the Toronto Blue Jays, and yes they are in the toughest
division in the world, but they are heading in the right direction as a franchise now and maybe
over the next 2 years they may start pushing the Yankees and Red Sox’s for a playoff spot. It
goes without saying that hockey is the number 1 sport in the house, and yes my blood bleeds
blue for the Toronto Maple Leafs. I’m a true blue fan, and some year, maybe 20 years from
now, they will win the cup again.

What drew me to WIS is baseball, I’ve have decent success with most WIS leagues I’ve tried.
I played sim league baseball for a few years, and won a couple of championships, I then tried
sim league hockey and won a couple of championships doing that. I’ve tried GD, but not much
success there, and I did okay with Hoops Dynasty. But the crown jewel for me is playing
Hardball Dynasty. I’m currently in 2 worlds, with the other one being Mauer, where I’ve won
2 world series. I enjoy the full aspect of the game, everything from recruiting coaches, signing
free agents, reviewing contracts, and building for the present and future. I’m a stats guy, so
like a junkie, I’m constantly reviewing ratings, and stats, and enjoying every minute of it. I’ve
recently taken over the San Francisco Swordsman franchise, the big club looks good, but the
minor league system needs some help, so my focus will be trying to get the big club in the
playoffs for now.