Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Know That Owner: Kenny Faulk

Hello fellow HBDer’s. My name is Kenny Faulk. My screen name on WIS is strikeout26. I took over the Detroit Freaks in the middle of season 16. Dgmbpd left me with a lot to work with and a franchise that has a history of winning. Hopefully in season 18 I will be able to put all of the pieces together. In my short stay, I have found Mordecai to be a wonderful world. It is very stable and has very active owners. I am probably one of the younger HBD owners, as I am only 23.

I am a pitcher in the Detroit Tigers organization. I was drafted in the 16th round of the 2009 draft. I am a lefty that throws 89-91. I throw primarily a fastball and changeup, but will work a slider in every now and then. I signed for a miniscule $3000. Last season, I was selected as conference closer of the year for the Atlantic Sun Conference and was also selected as a NY-Penn league all star last season with the Oneonta Tigers. I started my college career at a small junior college by the name of Andrew College. After my 2 seasons in JUCO I watched the draft pass me by and I signed a scholarship to play at Kennesaw State University. At KSU, I was a history education major. I did not graduate, but as soon as my playing days are over I will finish my degree and become a teacher/coach somewhere. I take a lot of ribbing from my teammates for the amount of time that I spend with HBD. While they are going to bars after the game, I am checking to see how my two teams did. What can I say? LHP are supposed to be a little different, right? Hopefully, I have a long playing career and get a cup of coffee some day.

My hobbies are striking hitters out, playing video games, my UGA dawgs, and HBD. As far as music goes, I listen to everything from classical to rap. I am a huge UGA fan. I would have signed there, but KSU is 10 minutes from my house and I felt that playing at a school that large would hurt my draft status. I hope Georgia can stick it to Jimrome’s Auburn Tigers.