Saturday, March 8, 2008

Mordecai Single Season Records Broke in Season 7

The following are all of the single-season records set during season 7, including ties of existing records:

Hit By Pitch
Damaso Seneca Death Dealers 24

Isolated Power
Davey Baker Jalapenos .455

Batting Avg Allowed
Philip Bacsik Debauchery .156

Philip Bacsik Debauchery 1.55

OBP Allowed
Philip Bacsik Debauchery .214

Quality Starts
Philip Bacsik Debauchery 29

Enrique Unamuno Harbormasters 52

Neifi Cornejo 7 Sky~Walkers 4

Slugging % Allowed
Philip Bacsik 7 Debauchery .215

K per 9 innings
Philip Bacsik 7 Debauchery 9.88

Philip Bacsik 7 Debauchery 243

Philip Bacsik Debauchery jamesutd .78

Winning %
Charlie Lewis Scorpions Iceman67 .913

Philip Bacsik Debauchery jamesutd 23

Assists (LF)
Vic Sager BBQs 11

Good Plays (2B)
Brian Sterns Twins 9

Innings Played (P)
Nick Benson A's 268.333

Range Factor Worst (2B)
Tony Pujols Under New Management 4.996

Range Factor Worst (P)
Julio Delgado MC Dixie Whistlers .245

Runners Caught Stealing Pct
Cristobal Rivera Highlanders .500

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jack5866 said...

Woohoo! A Dixie Whistler has set a World record! lol!