Saturday, April 12, 2008

Power Rankings

This is a formula I threw together last night to have a little fun...besides nothing else was going on with the blog. Anyway, it is based on a number of team statistics and uses range rather than ranking. After the first attempt, I found that it was biased toward pitching, so I tweeked it a little bit. It still has a small bias towards pitching, but sometimes that's the way things go. I also think it will even out still further as we get farther into the season.

Anyway, I'm not pretending that this is accurate or serves as a prediction tool. It is a formula that I can plug numbers into and get a result to post here, which is it's purpose (that and it'll probably stir up some conversation.)

The highest score possible is 700. Theoretically, the lowest score is 0. It is based on the stats and records as of 4/11 after the PM2 cycle (51 games played.)

Also, teams are only compared by league. Thus Tampa Bay's 649 is in no way a comparison with San Juan's 661. The range comparison is done by statistics in each league. However, all scores within a league are comparable. Enjoy. I'll try to post this again in about two weeks, though I am hitting the end of the semester here.